Groundhog Wisdom




Coaching is appropriate for experienced journeyers who want help exploring deeper issues or questions through shamanic practices. We will consult about your intention and then craft a series of journeys for the client to embark on to help find resolution or insight. Sessions are conducted over Zoom or Skype and are priced at $75.00 hour. Discounts are available when booking multiple sessions at once.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing can alleviate suffering and provide deep spiritual peace. When you request a healing session we will schedule a time to consult about the issue(s) that brought you to seek shamanic healing. With your permission I will then journey to my helping spirits to consult with them about appropriate next steps (the diagnostic journey). Their recommendations may include transfiguration, power animal retrieval, ceremony, soul retrieval, extraction of spiritual intrusions or some combination of these. My helping spirits may perform the necessary work at the time of the diagnostic journey or we may need to schedule another time to perform the work. After the healing journey we will have another conversation to discuss the work that was done and appropriate aftercare. Healing services are priced at $90.00, which includes the initial consultation, diagnostic journey, healing journey if necessary and post-healing consultation.  


I am not offering online booking at this time. If you are interested in working with me, please contact me via email at We can discuss your needs and what services might be appropriate. Once we’ve determined your services we will schedule a mutually convenient time and I will send a link to PayPal or Stripe for payment. Easy, effective, collaborative.

During COVID I switched to offering services online exclusively, and online work proved just as powerful and effective as in-person sessions. I continue to offer all services online. I may resume in person sessions in the future. When that happens I will post the information here, so watch this space!

I began my study of shamanism in early 2013, but I was one of the rare people who had difficulty learning to journey. While on a lunch break at the Omega Institute in June of that year I had a long and fascinating encounter with one of the groundhogs who lives on the campus. I had my first successful journey immediately after lunch. Groundhog opened up the journey experience for me and continues to guide my explorations all these years later. My business is named for Groundhog to honor his role in my spiritual development.

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