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Shamanic practice is a powerful method of accessing Divine Wisdom directly, without the need for an intermediary. My passion is teaching people shamanic journey skills that support their independent shamanic explorations, empowering them to trust in the Divine Guidance they receive.

I regularly teach half-day, full-day and two-day workshops to introduce people to the fundamentals of shamanic practice. I occasionally offer advanced workshops for experienced students. Please see the Events page for upcoming classes and pricing.

I also offer private lessons for people who can’t get to a workshop or prefer one-on-one instruction. Private lessons cover basic journeying techniques and are appropriate for students who are new to journeying as well as students who know the basics but want to deepen their journey practice or want support as they learn to navigate the shamanic worlds. All sessions are one hour long and are conducted over Zoom or Skype. 

The per-session cost is $65.00.

Upcoming Events

Traveling the Shamanic Path Toward Wisdom and Connection

April 2-3, 9:30am-4:00pm EDT

Taught by Jill Gormley and assisted by Andrea Schlupp via Zoom

Please do not register unless you can commit to attend both days.

This experiential workshop will teach students how to take a shamanic journey and explore ways to use this powerful tool for their self-development and to assist humanity and the Earth.

Participants will learn shamanic journey techniques and have several opportunities to practice under the guidance of two knowledgeable coaches. There will be an emphasis on safety, ethics, and responsible use of the powerful spiritual practice.

This class is as engaging and fun as it is powerful. Students will leave with new tools, new connections, and an enhanced appreciation for the natural world.


Harnessing Shamanic Practices for Expansion and Growth

April 23-24, 9:30am-4:00pm EDT

Taught by Jill Gormley and assisted by Andrea Schlupp via Zoom


Please do not register unless you can commit to attend both days.

Basic shamanic techniques can help us achieve our goals, manage our fears, and provide a profound sense of connection to all that is. In this experiential workshop students will practice working with their spirit team to help them with matters of personal concern and larger issues facing the collective.

Besides journeying to the Upper World and the Lower World, students will learn to work in the Middle World, where we can most directly manifest changes in our ordinary reality. Participants also will experience two shamanic healing initiations and learn basic healing techniques that are safe and appropriate for novice journeyers.

Registrants should know how to access the Upper World and the Lower World and have a relationship with at least one helping spirit.


Taught by Jill Gormley assisted by Andrea Schlupp


I am not offering online booking at this time. If you are interested in working with me, please contact me via email at We can discuss your needs and what services might be appropriate. Once we’ve determined your services we will schedule a mutually convenient time and I will send a link to PayPal or Stripe for payment. Easy, effective, collaborative.

During COVID I switched to offering services online exclusively, and online work proved just as powerful and effective as in-person sessions. I continue to offer all services online. I may resume in person sessions in the future. When that happens I will post the information here, so watch this space!

I began my study of shamanism in early 2013, but I was one of the rare people who had difficulty learning to journey. While on a lunch break at the Omega Institute in June of that year I had a long and fascinating encounter with one of the groundhogs who lives on the campus. I had my first successful journey immediately after lunch. Groundhog opened up the journey experience for me and continues to guide my explorations all these years later. My business is named for Groundhog to honor his role in my spiritual development.

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